Pit Stop – My Favorite Chicago Haunts

When you live in a city for a decade, you will always have friends who reach out for recommendations of the must-visit spots they should see when the visit. The problem with that is, generally speaking, you stopped doing the special, vacation-style things years ago. I can’t promise that I have ANY idea of what’s cool in Chicago anymore – the coolest part of the Midwest to me is the people I love and miss. That being said, I do have a list of places I almost always try to visit before I leave. Read on to see my long running favorites.

1. Bites Asian Kitchen + Bar
2. Bar Roma
3. Dak
4. Bongo Room
5. La Créperie
6. Quartino Ristorante
7. Middle East Bakery & Grocery
8. Cafe Tola
9. Dollop Diner
10. Fat Cat

Night Life
1. The Green Mill
2. Konak Pizza & Grill
3. Parrots Bar & Grill
4. Sidetrack
5. Replay
6. Roscoe’s Tavern
7. Meeting House Tavern
8. Farragut on Clark
9. Big Chicks
10. Marz Community Brewing Company

1. Foursided Card Gift & Vintage
2. Myopic Books
3. Lost Girls & Luvsick Plus
4. Scout
5. Women & Childern First
6. Andersonville Galleria
7. Edgewater Candels
8. Savory Spice Shop
9. Planet Access
10. Garrett Popcorn Shops

Parks, Arts & Culture
1. Garfield Park Conservatory
2. Lincoln Park Conservatory and Zoo
3. Museums of Contemporary Art Chicago
4. Adler Planetarium
5. Shedd Aquarium
6. Chicago Symphony Orchestra
7. Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum
8. Kathy Osterman Beach
9. The Riviera Theater
10. Swedish America Museum

How many of these places have you been to if you’ve visited Chicago or where did I miss that is your must visit stop? Sound off below!




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